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Tuli's® are the only foot care products that combines shock absorbing materials with a patented shock absorbing "waffle" design. Tuli’s foot care products have been scientifically and medically designed to duplicate nature’s own shock absorbing system. Nature has provided us with specially designed columns of fat cells in our feet to absorb the shock of heel and foot strike. Tuli’s foot care products patented and unique soft waffle design performs exactly like nature. This waffle design absorbs harmful shock waves and rebounds to its original shape time after time and are the only foot care products you will find that are guaranteed to do so. This is the reason Tuli’s are one of the leading foot care products on the market today and out-perform products made of silicone and styrofoam.

Tuli's® Instantly Relieves:

  • Painful heel conditions and heel spurs
  • Sore, tired, burning, aching, feet
  • Painful legs and knees
  • Arthritic joints and shin splints
  • Painful nagging backaches
  • Painful feet and legs due to pregnancy or overweight

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