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Ferno SAVER Scoop Stretcher

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Ferno SAVER Scoop Stretcher

Designed so EMS personnel can uncouple either end or both ends of the stretcher and gently scoop up the patient using scissor-type closing motion.

Ideal for hip injuries and accident victims. Supports a patient in the position found, reducing risk of further injury.

Features include a narrow foot-end frame for handling in confined areas, telescoping tubes allow length adjustments to fit patients of various heights.

Oopen-center design permits patient to be X-rayed.

Dimensions: Length: open 166cm Length: folded 120cm

Width 42.2cm

Height: open 6.7cm Height: folded 10cm

Weight 7kg Load Capacity 159kg.


* Please note this item is on a pre-order & pre-pay basis only*

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