N-Pro Head Guard

N-Pro is described as a - patent pending - non-invasive device, comprised of viscoelastic materials, intended to be used to protect the skull from non-penetrating direct impacts in rugby and for the medical purpose of preventing or alleviating head trauma, specifically mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI).

The device provides impact protection for rugby players (at all playing levels) to the occipital, parietal, temporal, frontal, mastoid and sphenoid regions of the skull by dissipating the impact energy at the localised site of impact (coup), minimising the brain’s movement and deformation, thus reducing the incidence of tissue damage at both the coup and contre - coup sites.

Utilising our cutting edge defentex™ impact management technology, N-Pro is designed to reduce the G-Force energy transferred to a player’s head during impact, one of the major factors in sports-induced brain injury.

N-Pro manages G-Force impact energy through its multi-layer construction, without compromising comfort and fit. N-Pro has been scientifically proven to reduce the G-Force impact transferred to a player’s head.

An N-Pro should be replaced 30 months on from its purchase date.

 *** For correct size place a measuring tape around the head at eyebrow level, and measure the circumference of the head. If your head circumference is between sizes, select the smaller size. ***

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